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A Guide to Watching TV Shows on Your BB

published by Sandy Samra-edited by Simon Hill-updated Are you missing your favorite TV shows and daily news since are always on the run Don t worry, you can now turn your BlackBerry into a handy TV. No matter the time you are from your TV you can still watch your favorite shows and stay connected but now daily news via BlackBerry TV. Here s how you can. slide of The versatility of the BlackBerry not only lies in messaging, email, and Internet browsing, but also in the capability to stream Live TV.

You can view tv on BlackBerry phones through various applications and through Internet browsing. Explained here are a number of the way in which you can watch TV on BlackBerry phones. Pinoy tambayan slide of Follow the given instruction to watch live TV on BlackBerry via PrimeTime Go. Download the free PrimeTime Go media application for Bb. Then subscribe to PrimeTime Go service from the BlackBerry App world for $ . on. Now browse through the available channels and select one you want to view.

slide of SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry Sling Media offers BlackBerry users making a fleet of to watch TV on their models. SlingPlayer Mobile along with Slingbox within your own home allows you to savor TV over a G or Wi-Fi connection. The technology sends out a proof from your home TV to web service, which will help you receive TV on BlackBerry. By installing and downloading SlingPlayer Mobile onto your BlackBerry, you don’t have to miss your favorite programs again.

You can either purchase SlingPlayer Mobile for $ are. or try it out free for days. slide of MobiTV MobiTV offers BlackBerry users live sports channels, popular full length shows and news channels like FOX, MSNBC, ESPN Mobile, The office onNBC and Lost on ABC. Subscribe and download MobiTV software on your BlackBerry for $ . and watch live TV while on the go. slide of ORB Live TV Follow these instructions to watch live TV on BlackBerry via ORB In order to enjoy live TV on BlackBerry via the ORB program, you must use a home broadband or Wi-Fi connection.